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When does Drug Addiction Occur? | West Palm Beach

Children aged 12 to 13 are already using drugs excessively, according to a report by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Early abuse of illicit substances is more likely to result in continuing the illegal activity until the age of maturity.

One of the popular models of addiction is the Disease Model.

Disease model explains that there is a genetic makeup that pushes a person to become addicted to something, eventually causing the extreme changes in the brain function. The model explains that there is a stronger power in the genetic disposition or heredity in the development of addiction. Previously, a study conducted proved that a set of identical twins, which were separated at birth, both developed addiction despite growing in different communities.

Addiction has been considered as a brain manipulator affecting the reward center, primarily.

Studies conducted to test the overuse of drugs and other compulsive behaviors have also revealed that the frequent act has the tendency to lead to drastic changes in the brain functions. For instance, with repeated use, the reward system will only consider the substance its sole source of pleasure. Without it, definitely, it will face difficulty in experiencing pleasure.

The self-medication hypothesis explains that people use drugs to cope with the pain they are going through, both physically and emotionally.

The hypothesis explains that the primary reason why people use drugs is to address depression, trauma, and chronic pain.

The biopsychosocial phenomenon explains that addiction causes changes in both the brain function and physical state temporarily and permanently.

It also claims that there is a psychological component associated with the disease, which basically reveals why the addiction person is unable to cope with unstable emotions. Peer culture also seems to play a major factor that commands the user what drugs to use and how it will be ingested as ways of facing distressing emotions effectively.

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Nature versus Nurture should be Nature and Nurture.

Nature versus nurture mainly focuses on both the psychological and physiological developments. However, the model has become more important to adults. Since the genes that a person is made of are beyond one’s control, nature refers to the influences that a person is surrounded by while growing older. Generally, adults live in a separate house from their folks, nurture does not directly apply to these age group. However, it has been broadly understood as the many external influences present in the area where they live. Environmental factors may include how individuals are raised, their respective socioeconomic status, their work environment, and their group of friends among others.

Compared to most chronic diseases, drug addiction can be prevented. It is essential, however, to educate everyone especially those who are extremely vulnerable. Help is readily available for those who need it.

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