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What Type Of Drug Is Cocaine? | Okeechobee FL

Any mode of administration of cocaine use will elicit a boost of energy and a sense of euphoria in your body. All the above-mentioned along with the tendency to be over-talkative and a false well-being. In most cases, these effects are very short-lived.

  • Just like a dangerous drug know as heroine, cocaine is very addictive and stimulant with a very potent impact on your body when abused either by smoking, injecting or snorting.
  • Off the streets, cocaine is often sold in a fine white powder form which is heated and the vapors smoked.
  • The “crack” variant of cocaine gets its term from the cracking sound it makes when heated.

There are a number of side effects to cocaine use. The series of signs and symptoms include an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, stomach aches, headaches, and nausea. Eventually, it is more likely to lead to strokes and heart attacks.

The mode of administration of cocaine also has various effects on your body.

If you snort cocaine then you may achieve a high for up to 30 minutes. However, regular users who snort cocaine often suffer nosebleeds and lose their sense of smell.

If you inject cocaine, you may experience a very intense, but shorter “high” that can only last for 10 minutes. Injecting or smoking cocaine comes with a lot of risks for getting blood-borne diseases, like hepatitis C, due to the sharing of instruments.

Also, if you consume alcohol while using cocaine or if you combine cocaine with drugs like heroin, among others, the effects of the drug is what is known as a “speedball.” It can quickly raise your chances of a fatal overdose.

The mode of administration of cocaine can also influence the short-term effects of it.

Snorting cocaine may delay the effects of the drug on your body but you may achieve a longer high. Injecting or smoking cocaine, on the other hand, can have a more rapid effect on your body in as short as 7 seconds.

However, the “high” may only last anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes. There is also a tendency to experience more intense symptoms and increase cravings and frequency of use. Also, take note that “crack cocaine” is more addictive than snorted cocaine. In several cases, cocaine may be abused with other substances that further increase your health risks like when you combine cocaine use with alcohol consumption. When this happens, it’s important to seek the help of professionals from the best rehab clinic which can be found in your area.

Both casual and chronic cocaine users experience a number of side effects that can be extremely uncomfortable.

Using cocaine may result in a heart attack even when you are still young and healthy. Furthermore, taking in copious amounts of cocaine can lead to violent and erratic behaviors.

More side effects of cocaine use are:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased body temperature
  • Decreased sexual function
  • Tremors
  • Vertigo
  • Muscle twitches
  • Constricted blood vessels
  • Vertigo
  • Dilated pupils
  • Paranoia

The prolonged use of cocaine regardless of the mode of administration often results in more physical problems than the ones mentioned above.

Chronic or heavy users often develop cocaine psychosis, which is often characterized by hallucinations and depression. Sigmund Freud even described his cocaine use with sensations of bugs that crawl under your skin.

All cocaine addicts at some point in their drug use have to deal with a decline in the normalcy of their lives. Cocaine addiction can be very demanding on your body and the physiological effects of the drug can become even more intense in time. As you increase your frequency and amount of intake, your addiction can also cost you more to maintain. This may eventually lead to financial problems and the loss of your job and other important relationships, especially if the person fails to look for the drug rehab center.

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